Thank you for your interest in "Proyecto Difa Alterntaivas y Actualización, A.C.", we are pleased to inform you that Proyecto Difa is an organization authorized in Mexico to issue deductible receipts from ISR, commonly known as being an "authorized grantee", that is, if you like to make a donation to our organization, we will be able to issue you a receipt that will help you, in your annual tax return, this amount to be deducted from what you inform the SAT annually.

If you live in the United States, please obtain our certificate of equivalence through "NGO Sources" so that your donation is also deductible in the US.

NGOsource Equivalency Determination on File

We know that many donors do not require the aforementioned receipt, however, we are pleased to inform you that monthly, we issue a general receipt to inform the "Secretaría de Hacienda" (Secretary of the Treasury) of all the small donations we have received from anonymous donors.

For any specification about your receipt and / or donation please contact us through the email address or telephone number that appears in the contact section and ask to contact the administrator, we will gladly attend to your requirements to have the honor of receiving your donation.

Destination of your donation

In Proyecto Difa we appreciate your donation, every amount that reaches our account is destined entirely to the operation of our institutional program Estación Juventud, that is, all donations received through this PayPal access are destined entirely to the expenses of Estación Juventud such such as: maintenance of station computers in the municipalities, educational materials for young people, sports equipment for young people. In no case will your donation go towards salaries, wages or general expenses of the organization, unless you indicate to us that you want to make a specific donation, for example "the payment of the organization's telephone bill" or "the team's coffee". All donations are greatly appreciated, if you tell us what you want your donation to be used for, be sure that it will be used; In the event that you donate any amount without indicating specific use, as I was saying, it will go to the operational expenses of Estación Juventud, directly for the benefit of the youth of the communities.

Please, if you make a donation of more than 200,000 Mexican pesos or the equivalent of 10,000 US dollars, provide some means of contact, both to issue you the corresponding receipt and so that our management team can contact you and ask you if you require a report detailed for the use of your donation.

In case you like to make a donation in kind, contact our administration area to agree on the terms of said donation, depending on the agreement of use of your donation in kind, we may also issue you a deductible receipt of ISR equivalent to the current value of your donation in species.