What do we do?


In DIFA Project we carry out several annual projects year after year to fulfill our social purpose, mission and institutional objectives; We also have institutional (multi-year) programs that allow us to work continuously over time to achieve long-term goals.

Youth Station (Estación Juventud): This is our main institutional program is developed since 2011 in nine municipalities in Chiapas; is a program that adds annual Human Development thematic projects and whose emphasis is to strengthen indigenous youth leaders for community participation.

Documentary Film School: This is a program that has been developing since 2014, in coordination with other actors of organized civil society, for: training in documentary film, production of film documentaries by indigenous directors / xs and the diffusion of documentaries.


Every year Proyecto DIFA (DIFA Project) develops specific projects, which are usually financially supported by public and private, local, national and international bodies.

These financings are managed through submitting our projects to competition in the calls that open year after year (public and private), also through the request for direct donations, before which we issue deductible receipts from the ISR, since we are a donor organization authorized, and we also obtain financing through donations managed with North American foundations, the latter is possible given that we have the equivalent of a grantee in the US.

These projects are mainly designed around the themes like: Art and Culture, Economy, Education, Environment, Health, Sexual and reproductive health, Gender Equity, Technological Literacy.

Although our headquarters are located in Chiapas and most of our projects are developed in this state, we usually develop annual projects or specific actions in Tabasco, Veracruz, Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan (Mexico).

Our work is characterized by developing as a priority with, by and for young people.

Our strategies for the development of projects and programs are fundamentally Documentation, Research, Training and Self-management; each of our work is based on a gender, generational and cross-cultural perspective within a framework of daily human rights practice; People with extensive experience, training according to the work to be carried out and with demonstrated human and social commitment participate in each project and program. We strive so that the work of Proyecto Difa is always characterized by being ethical and professional.

Courses and training

Difa Project is also a platform for training, learning and exchanging experiences, there are various topics in which we have developed formats for "Workshops", "Courses" and "Diplomas". Which can be contracted directly with our administration area or they can be requested free of charge when the need of the group requesting them is demonstrated or when they propose some type of exchange to us.

Currently you can hire or request workshops on: Social gender construction; generational perspective; cross-culturality; sexual health self-care; and psychosocial skills.

Currently you can hire or request courses: Facilitation of workshops and Creation of a civil association.

Currently, Certificates are open sporadically and are only offered through specific calls, depending on each case you can access a partial or total scholarship.

It is possible to contract Project Difa for matters related to the promotion and strengthening of civil society organizations, for example for the formation of a civil association or for the realization of procedures related to the CLUNI registration or request of authorized grantee. These services are sporadic provided only in special cases in compliance with our social purpose and any benefit obtained from these services is allocated entirely to our institutional program.

Alliances and Networks

Difa Project works in coordination with educational institutions, local public institutions and above all with other civil society organizations.

We currently have alliances with organizations such as:

  • Fundación Bruja Violeta, A.C.
  • K’inal Antsetik, A.C.
  • Patronato Pro Educación Guaquitepec, A.C.
  • Aid to Artisans México
  • Juventud Género y Prácticas Ambientales, A.C.
  • Cultura Responsabilidad Ecológica y Educación A.C.
  • Crea-Learning México, A.C.

Likewise, we maintain constant participation in various networks of organizations (and also in inter-institutional networks) that are made up of territorial, thematic or populational reasons.

Above all, we maintain a close relationship of trust with various organizations whose missions are related to ours, particularly with those organizations that have solid backgrounds working with, by and for young people, regardless of whether the majority of the population they work with is or is not in youth situation.